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Hi all! If you’ve been a faithful follower of this blog, thank you.

I’ve struggled with posting here regularly because of the things going on in our life, “wedding” doesn’t seem to be a keyword for it. Strange how that works. Rather than having separate blogs each time something comes up (wedding, honeymoon, school, baby, etc, etc, etc), I’ll shift gears slightly to a more general “about us” version of a blog.

So… If you still care to keep tabs on Heather and my “Goings Ons”, you can do that at a newly created blog!

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Thanks to everyone for the support in this adventure we call life!



Special Moments

We’ve been married for a little over 8 months, and it’s been one heck of a ride. I love being married, but I’ll admit that it’s not for the faint of heart.

There have been times (since June) that have been easy, and times that were tougher, but all in all, I’d say they were great.

For some reason I have been blessed (cursed?) with a very long-ranged perspective towards our relationship. I was just telling someone today that what I most aspire towards is that fifty (50) years from now, Heather and I will be rediculously in love, complete with flirtation and chasing eachother around the house (if you know what I mean). I don’t think that’s too much to ask, and with 50 years of moving in that direction together, I don’t think it’s too hard to achieve.

What it comes down to is something commonly referred to as The Slight Edge – it’s the one and two inches every play that makes the difference over the long haul. It’s the moment-by-moment decisions to take steps in the direction of your goal that brings it to fruition. What’s your goal?

Our aspiration: to be passionately in love, and to have joy in our relationship with one another, and (hopefully) be an example to others of what can be done from less-than-ideal beginnings.

For some reason I felt prompted to comment on our Valentines Day here in the good-ol wedding blog. It was a special day, but special not so much in the arrangements for the day, but in the small moments of being together. Let me back up a little.

I generally am a romantic, but constantly feel little to no confidence in my plans for what might be considered “a big day”. There have been times past where up to the hour before execution, my plans were woefully undeveloped. Nearly EVERY time I’ve ever attempted to do something special, I’ve felt inadequate.

This Valentines Day wasn’t much different. Heather and I had a busy couple of weeks leading into the weekend, and a busy weekend to boot. An evening out with friends on Friday, consulting meetings, the Nutrition Seminar and Wearable Arts on Saturday, and then finally the big V-Day. We had agreed that we’d opt for something low-key in order to not add stressors on top of our already significant weekend, but naturally, as we both care for eachother, that didn’t stop my attempting to create a memorable experience for my wife to let her know that she is loved dearly. So much for stress free.

2-3 weeks prior to the big-day I had one of the thoughtful elements in the bag: a hand-made card complete with the fitting red/pink/white and hearts that any (good?) Valentine would provide. However, it was the setting of how to give it that seemed to be elusive.

2-3 days prior, I had narrowed it down to wanting to make a scrumptious dinner for the two of us, and to have it at home, and to have it be a surprise. That last element is a bit tougher to pull off when you live with someone. You can’t really just say “well, why don’t you come over at __ and we’ll go from there”. I had grand illusions of shopping the day before so she wouldn’t see the ingredients, and then lovingly suggested that she take a nap and read to pass the afternoon, and then, when the time was right, invite her down to a nice candle-lit dinner. Hmmm…

2-3 hours prior something had to give. I eventually explained to Heather the rough framework of my semi-botched plan, and requested her partnership in being entertained in another room while I slaved away at the hot stove. She spent some quality (and productive) time upstairs and I went to work.

After 2’ish hours of cleaning, prepping, making, cooking and placing, I had enacted my vision for the night: a candle lit dinner (with heart-shaped entree), lovely background music by Rob Costlow, and a delish dessert called “Chocolate Puddle Cookies”. Only the Brussle Sprouts and salad were really healthy, but it was oh-so worth it!

But here’s the catch. It wasn’t the dinner, nor the presentation, nor the hustle of getting a table cloth and candles at the last minute, nor the glee on her face at the opening of my inexpensive gift to her. Nor was it her choice to set out some fancy clothes for us to eat dinner in – her in a breathtaking gown or me in my slacks and button-up shirt. And it wasn’t my reading her heart-warming comments she had written me throughout the day in her special gift to me (okay, well, it kinda was that). It really was the special moment where we looked into eachothers eyes and felt a deep connection while we jointly tried to hold back the “eye sweat” because we know that we have something special that will forever become more significant to the both of us.

Thanks for reading.


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Thinking Back

Just a moment ago, I took the time to respond to a solicitation by Joe McNally to comment with our most bone-headed move of 2009 with regards to photography.

What does this have to do with the wedding blog? Well, read on and find out… Below the jump is, in entirety, what I posted for all to read on McNally’s page.

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Hi All,

I received something today in my email box that I thought was so worthwhile, that I took the time to make a couple of changes, and then upload and post it anew as a message to to my lovely wife, Heather. It’ll take her a couple days to see it (or at least until morning), I’m sure, but whenever she comes across it, it will be worthwhile.

Heather, when you read this, know that I am more and more in love with you every day. I get so much joy in laughing and smiling with my best friend all the time, and even while we have our challenging times, I am thankful for you in my life. Thank you for blessing me with your life, and your wonderful talents. I love you.

And, the special addition:

Day 15

Another day, another post. Here are the bulk notes that I took while traveling:

needles koa
Star trail investigation
finding route 66 in needles
driving route 66
drag racing event kingman
grand canyon caverns (& rv)
paxton sees an owl
campfire in the desert
star shot, interval style

Needles was basically the start of our route 66 adventure… It was hot, really hot, and it was remarkably challenging (even with the power of the iphone map) to get (and stay) on the Historic Route 66…

Click on the pictures to see their detailed descriptions…

Day 14

I think I’ve just reached the end of my pre-blogging collection, and now I’m simply left with a bunch of pictures and a few notes from each day. It’s sorta fun to be more and more brief for the sake of posting more regularly. Let’s see if I can recall why I made these notes:

barstow koa
wake early
dig site
-legacy of guy
calico ghost town
-train, ice cream, mine cave, why is it there?
koa swimming
star trail shot

Stayed in Barstow, it was hot… somewhere around 95+ if I recall correctly. They said it was cool for that time of the year. I woke up early and had the chance to do some chores (laundry) and even take a pretty sunrise style photo. The desert is a nicer place in the early morning when things have had a chance to cool off and the sun hasn’t heated things up at all. We got moving and went to see a cool archeological dig site – the guy there had been working the site for some crazy number of years… I think it was in the neighborhood of 60, but that just seems intense, so maybe it was just 40. Even still, I don’t know anyone who has worked in one place for so long anywhere. Yikes. Afterwards, and more in the heat of the day we checked out Calico, a ghost town somewhere near Barstow. I guess in it’s hay-day it had something like 3000 people and so a few buildings were still around. Most of it had been rebuilt and redone to encourage tourists, and it sure seemed like a popular spot considering the 102+ temperature (in the shade, mind you). Very touristy, but still interesting to look at the area and wonder what it might have been like. Oh, and ice-cream is really tasty when you’re hot.

Click on the photos for more detailed descriptions:

Day 13

In an effort to get photos online for viewing, I’m sloughing off the task of writing up the experiences. Maybe some day I’ll come back, or maybe not. I guess that’s just the excitement of having a blog, huh? See, I’m wild!  (sigh)

Anyhow, here’s the little blurb/list that I had noted before running out of steam. I’m posting it as a future reminder to myself in case I want to come back and recompose stuff. I know it’s a bit tacky, but if you’re reading this, maybe you’re doing it because you care, and you just won’t judge me… right?

playing in the waves
sand dollars
Pismo beach to barstow (mohave desert)
95 degrees

This morning we woke up and immediately dressed for the water. Paxton and I were the first ready so we set out, mostly at sunrise, to see the sights. As it turned out, the actual waters edge was nearly 3/4 of a mile away from our campground. I was a bit surprised after setting my expectations for waking up next to the sea. We made our way out anyways, and Paxton immediately was wet. It was a gorgeous morning and the temperature was nice – somewhere in the mid-60’s… [this is where the post just randomly ended, deal with it]

And, now for the fun part, photos! I didn’t take many in this phase, so you’ll just have to scroll back through the other posts if you’re interested in images. Click on a picture for the more thorough description.